The Indie Colouring Book

The Indie Coloring Book
The Indie Coloring Book

Cool! I’ll have as much fun as my 2 year old colouring in illustrations by Bon Iver, The Shins, Broken Social Scene, MGMT etc. In fact, Edie might not get a look in cos she’ll mess it up 😛
Royalties go to a charity chosen by the artists.

Great Lake Swimmers on Zunior

no baby here yet but we’ve been buying some kids CDs in anticipation. I can’t face The Wiggles of Hi-5 or whatever, so I got the Rough Trade Save the Children CD Colours Are Brighter featuring Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, The Flaming Lips, The Kooks, Four Tet etc and while I was buying that I stumbled across See you on the Moon from a couple of years back on Toronto’s Paper Bag Records featuring Broken Social Scene, Great Lake Swimmers, Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Kid Koala and more. Music for kids and adults too….or maybe it’s just for me. Anyway the title track See you on the Moon by Toronto based Great Lake Swimmers is fab and I’m pimping these albums to everyone I know with kids. It was named one of the best Canadian songs of 2006 on the CBC Radio 3 podcast too.

Voted Favourite Folk/Roots Artist at the 2004 Canadian Independent Music Awards, Great Lake Swimmers make wonderfully understated, heart-wrenching music. Led by songwriter-vocalist Tony Dekker, their haunting sound finds its roots in vintage folk and alt-country colourings, shaped by accordion and piano, lap steel and acoustic guitar, with a voice that seems to come from the walls

So now I’m waiting for my special 2006 Zunior-only Digital Box Set release from Great Lake Swimmers from
containing the albums Great Lake Swimmers (2003), Bodies and Minds (2005), and the brand new Hands In Dirty Ground EP on a 512 MB Memorex USB pen drive loaded with:

– 192 kbps MP3 versions of all three albums
– complete album artwork
– a bonus tour photo collection
– a copy of the ‘To Leave It Behind’ video directed by Scott Cudmore

Zunior have a free compilation download available too!

Sweet! Canada is on fire! I’d love to check out the Toronto scene at the moment, hmmm maybe I should emigrate to Canada

Colours are brighter

Colours are Brighter - Buy Now

Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, The Kooks and Four Tet are amongst the artists contributing to a collection of children’s songs curated by Belle and Sebastian, to raise funds for children’s charity, Save the Children. ‘Colours are Brighter’ will be released on Rough Trade on October 16th, with all profits and artist royalties from the record being donated to the charity.

1. Four Tet featuring Princess Watermelon – Go Go Ninja Dinosaur
2. Rasputina – A Skeleton Bang
3. Franz Ferdinand – Jackie Jackson
4. Snow Patrol – I am an Astronaut
5. The Divine Comedy – Three Cheers For Pooh, Cottleston Pie, Piglet Ho
6. The Kooks – The King & I
7. Half Man Half Biscuit – David Wainwright’s Feet
8. The Barcelona Pavilion – Tidy Up Tidy Up
9. Jonathan Richman – Our Dog is Getting Older Now
10. Belle and Sebastian – The Monkeys are Breaking Out the Zoo
11. Ivor Cutler Trio – Mud
12. The Flaming Lips – The Big Ol’ Bug Is The New Baby Now
13. Kathryn Williams – Night Baking