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its’ a happy man with Grapefruit Chilli Marmalade

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I went to the Tauranga Farmer’s Market on the weekend and to my unexpected delight Richard the Chilli guy had Grapefruit Chilli Marmalade. It’s great stuff. I haven’t had any in years and I really should make it myself as I have loads of chillies in the freezer and there’s grapefruit all around at the… Read more »

A half deep fried pizza supper and a can of Irn Bru

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oh yes we’re back in Scotland! Nowhere has deep fried pizzas like Scotland. Does anywhere else have deep fried pizzas at all? We’ve moved to a tenement flat in Polwarth near the canal and a great deli, whose name I can’t remember. We nearly took a place in Stockbridge which would’ve been cool, but the… Read more »

Last Fish Curry

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I just had my last Fish Curry. I was after a Bombay Duck actually but they weren’t available. We just spent the whole day on a roach-infested train from Patnem Beach in South Goa to Mumbai. Patnem is real nice, if a little busy with dogs. I think the Goa Animal Welfare Trust is doing… Read more »

almost outta here

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we’re leaving our flat in Edinburgh kinda soon. Wish I’d got to La Partenope, First Coast and the little sushi place one last time. I’ll be back I guess.

Last Fish Supper

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Today is my last fish supper at The Gold Sea, one of the better chippies in Edinburgh. I got my car back this morning from Polwarth Garage so I have a wheels to get down to London and to the airport and get all our gear out of our flat. Now I just need to… Read more »