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Put the bomb back on the shelf

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So I went to Prestonpandemonium and bought some comics and drank some ale – IPA and 80 shilling to be precise, I still need to try the Porter. I haven’t signed up for a brew set….yet. We went to the beach at Gulllane afterwards and once again I changed into my togs hoping for a… Read more »

Prestonpandemonium comic mart

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Prestonpandemonium Saturday 22nd July 2006 11am-3pm *** The Prestoungrange Gothenburg 229 High St, Prestonpans *** Browse…Buy…Banter… All sorts of comics for all sorts of people Batman, Spider-man and X-men; Tintin, Palestine and Crumb; manga, horror mags, 2000AD, zines and undergrounds *** I’ve been meaning to get to Prestoungrange Gothenburg for a while so it’s time… Read more »

Triptych begins

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eek Triptych begins today and I still haven’t got any tickets even though I’ve known about it for ages. I’ve missed out on The Silver Jews which sold out pretty quick. So I’ll be making do with the video of Silver Jews – Trains Across the Sea live at Ottobar on youtube. I’m gonna try… Read more »

Flaming Lips make me wanna play hack

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All those yellow balloons bouncing round everywhere…oh how I long for a good game of hack. Anyone in Edinburgh who stumbles across this and fancies a game hit me up; anyone in NZ who fancies a hack come visit – winter is for suckers and I have a futon in the boxroom. The Flaming Lips… Read more »

The Flaming Lips supported by The Go! Team

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Excellent! I just rang Usher Hall to see what time The Flaming Lips are on tonight and found out that The Go! Team are supporting! Two bands one stone and all that. Nice! More exciting than IE7 Beta which I still haven’t got round to installing.

More Radiohead tickets for Meadowbank on sale tomorrow

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There’s more tickets avaiable for Radiohead at Meadowbank Stadium on 22 August available from 9am tomorrow (Friday 31/3). The capacity has been been increased to 20,000 after the first tickets sold out in under one hour at the weekend. In other news… Radiohead Get Reggae Makeover, by the same cats that were responsible for Dub… Read more »

trouble sleeping

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Now that I’ve got heaps of music TV channels it’s not so much that I have trouble sleeping but I have trouble escaping the TV late at night cos there’s always another music video I want to see. I’ve been deprived of music videos for too long and now I can’t get enough. It happened… Read more »

Radiohead + Beck @ Meadowbank Edinburgh pre-sale tickets

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There’s some pre-sale tickets for Radiohead and Beck at Meadowbank available at the Radiohead’s W.A.S.T.E shop. Radiohead’s site had a ‘system meltdown’ yesterday when they first went on sale at midday but it’s all sweet now. Tickets for the other tour dates are available too but they’re selling out quick. This is just the pre-sale… Read more »

A half deep fried pizza supper and a can of Irn Bru

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oh yes we’re back in Scotland! Nowhere has deep fried pizzas like Scotland. Does anywhere else have deep fried pizzas at all? We’ve moved to a tenement flat in Polwarth near the canal and a great deli, whose name I can’t remember. We nearly took a place in Stockbridge which would’ve been cool, but the… Read more »

almost outta here

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we’re leaving our flat in Edinburgh kinda soon. Wish I’d got to La Partenope, First Coast and the little sushi place one last time. I’ll be back I guess.