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Google Mars

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Wow there’s a Google Mars! I didn’t even know there was a Google Moon (zoom in for cheese).

A half deep fried pizza supper and a can of Irn Bru

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oh yes we’re back in Scotland! Nowhere has deep fried pizzas like Scotland. Does anywhere else have deep fried pizzas at all? We’ve moved to a tenement flat in Polwarth near the canal and a great deli, whose name I can’t remember. We nearly took a place in Stockbridge which would’ve been cool, but the… Read more »

Last Fish Curry

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I just had my last Fish Curry. I was after a Bombay Duck actually but they weren’t available. We just spent the whole day on a roach-infested train from Patnem Beach in South Goa to Mumbai. Patnem is real nice, if a little busy with dogs. I think the Goa Animal Welfare Trust is doing… Read more »


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I had a Thali tonight in the hotel restaurant and they were playing Kraftwerk. India is full of surprises.

Online on the road in India

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I finally got Internet access via Airtel GPRS Mobile Office so maybe I’ll fill in some of the gaps where we’ve been. I want to get a little google map happening showing where we’ve been but the WordPress travelog plugin isn’t doing it for me and the guy that wrote travelog is currently travelling round… Read more »


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We’re in Trichy and just had the best temple day ever. Went to the Rock Fort temple and climbed up for the view and Ganesh’s blessing, as you do, then went to Sri Jambukeshwara in time for Shanti the elephant’s little walk round with the drums and bells. I got Shanti’s blessing while I was… Read more »


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I’m in Bangalore with free wifi at a Coffee World cafe in some plaza on the corner of Brigade Rd and Residency Rd. I don’t think the cafe has anything to do with the free wifi but they’re letting me plug in and sit here for ages with just a measly coffee shake. Wish they… Read more »


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We’re in Hampi which is full of boulders like The Flintstones with temples. There’s a coracle that crosses a river to the Monkey God’s temple up on a hill so I figure I’d better go see that this afternoon and contemplate Goobuntu. Hope they sort out the airport strikes at Mumbai quick, 500 workers at… Read more »

Jams Boand 007 – Kohalpur

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Jams Boand driver 007 of Maharajah’s autorickshaw service in Kohlapur is a lovely chappie. We went the Maharajah’s palace today. The palace is described as gothic indo-saracen or something and it’s pretty cool. It houses a museum containing the Maharajah’s many kill trophies including a stool made out of an elephant foot, an entire family… Read more »

Hey Baba

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We’re in Pune now where the maroon guys from the Polyphonic Spree get their clothes. what are they up to – Osho Meditation(wikipedia entry here). There’s also laughing sessions in some park by the river.