Bill Hammond : Jingle Jangle Morning exhibit

Bill Hammond – Jingle Jangle Morning
November 17th 2007 – February 10th 2008
Wellington City Gallery

Jingle Jangle Morning, taken from a verse in Bob Dylan’s song ‘Mr Tambourine Man’, is the title of a Bill Hammond painting depicting majestic avian musicians and serpentine creatures who sing, dance and play instruments upon a floating world of golden clouds and mountainous divides.

Bill Hammond’s sentient birdmen came about after a trip to the Auckland Islands where birds rule. Like New Zealand before the people got there. have a couple of Bill Hammond prints for sale for $79NZD. If you’re in Lyttelton be sure to visit Volcano Cafe and Lava Bar, it’s a nice bar with good food and they have some Bill Hammond art on the walls.

Bill Hammond - Placemaker

Great Lake Swimmers free live EP

It’s been available for a couple of months but I only just spotted it on Gorilla vs. Bear via Last.FM – Great Lake Swimmers have released a 5 track live EP recorded at Toronto’s Church of the Redeemer for free download (31.5Mb).

Great Lake Swimmers have also contributed an original song entitled, “Gonna Make it Through This Year”, to a new compilation release named “PEACE ON EARTH: A HOLIDAY ALBUM” available exclusively as a digital download from Hard to Find a Friend and featuring fifteen never-before-released covers of Christmas classics and special holiday themed originals from various artists. Profits raised from this album go directly to Toys for Tots to give gifts to needy children on Christmas morning.

Here’s Scott Cudmore‘s new video for “Your Rocky Spine”

Great Lake Swimmers want your travel footage

GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS and (weewerk) are asking for 30 seconds of your favourite/significant travel footage. Share your secret spot, beautiful scenery or interesting experiences with us. Selected footage will be edited together to produce a finished video for Great Lake Swimmers’ Passenger Song.

Your submission needs to be on common digital video file formats (ie. AVI, MOV, MP4) and NTSC encoded. Each submission should include your full contact information, mailing address, phone number and email address.

By submitting video content, you the copyright holder agrees to permit footage, in whole or part, to be used with discretion by (weewerk) in producing this video. Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]. Deadline for submissions is August 31st, 07.

Contact FM presents the Third Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk

Circle Jerk 2007

It’s time once again for Hamilton’s biggest and best celebration of local music. More than a dozen local artists will join forces for one huge show, performing their own and each others’ songs at The Third Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk. Proceeds of this show will help Contact FM’s continued support of Hamilton music.

The Third Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk
Hamilton bands celebrating Hamilton music
Saturday 26 May at Ward Lane. Bands start 9:30

Check out photos from the Hamilton Circle Jerk 2005 and 2006 at