The Indie Colouring Book

The Indie Coloring Book
The Indie Coloring Book

Cool! I’ll have as much fun as my 2 year old colouring in illustrations by Bon Iver, The Shins, Broken Social Scene, MGMT etc. In fact, Edie might not get a look in cos she’ll mess it up 😛
Royalties go to a charity chosen by the artists.

Kraftwerk are coming to NZ

Kraftwerk, Auckland Town Hall 26 November!

I missed them at Big Day Out a few years back. They were on at the same time as Jane’s Addiction so I thought I’d catch a bit of both but I was in a great position for Jane’s Addiction and they were grabbing me more than I expected so I didn’t fancy trying to push through the crowd to get to Kraftwerk.

I probably would’ve ended up hearing a bit of both and seeing nothing outside the super top anyway but I’ve always regretted not seeing Kraftwerk as I didn’t think I’d get another chance.

Maybe Tanuki’s Cave beforehand for some yakitori mmm

its’ a happy man with Grapefruit Chilli Marmalade

I went to the Tauranga Farmer’s Market on the weekend and to my unexpected delight Richard the Chilli guy had Grapefruit Chilli Marmalade. It’s great stuff. I haven’t had any in years and I really should make it myself as I have loads of chillies in the freezer and there’s grapefruit all around at the moment. The only other place I’ve seen grapefruit chilli marmalade is Q Gardens near Waitara, Taranaki.

Tauranga farmer’s market is getting better all the time. The gluten-free sausages are great and I had the best masala dosa outside India there one fine day. I’ve only had two dosas outside India but it was pretty authentic. Now if they could just get some Oak leaf wine and a pig on a spit happening.

The farmer’s market is starting at the Mount soon on Sundays and running to the slightly more civilized hour of 1pm.