Carl Shuker – Three novellas for a novel

All three of Carl Shuker’s Three Novellas for a Novel are available as limited edition downloads now. For free or more!
Interesting to see a novellist making their work available online for tips ala The Crimea, Radiohead & NIN. I guess Carl liked the idea of bypassing the publishing companies and making his work available for tips. It drastically reduces the cost of getting his work out and it’s environmentally friendly too. Or is it? No paper or transportation costs but more electricity consumed by readers and I was tempted to print them as well.

Lazy boy

I haven’t been lazy in fact I’ve been very busy.
I got my copy of Carl Shuker’s – The Lazy Boys yesterday and I like it a lot after just a few pages, now it’s going to a be a race between Hemingway – Death in the Afternoon which I started last week and Lazy Boys.

It reminds me of Irvine Welsh – a Maribou Stork Nightmare for nihilistic Dunedin Scarfies.

“…any offence you feel at my actions is a function of your own naivety; this is how things are done.”

I also found Lux Perpetua thanks to Carl Shuker. Thanks!

Look out for Guillermo del Toro’s new movie Pan’s Labyrinth – gothic fairy tale set against the postwar repression of Franco’s Spain.