Put the bomb back on the shelf

So I went to Prestonpandemonium and bought some comics and drank some ale – IPA and 80 shilling to be precise, I still need to try the Porter. I haven’t signed up for a brew set….yet. We went to the beach at Gulllane afterwards and once again I changed into my togs hoping for a swim but the Haar came in and the water wasn’t that warm(surprise!) so we headed home after not very long and nearly dropped back into the Goth for that Porter but opted for an ice cream at St Luca in Musselburgh instead.

I haven’t read any of my comic acquistions yet because I’m still finishing Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy. I think I might go see Irvine Welsh reading from his new book The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs at the Edinburgh Book Festival. He seems to be appearing all over the place lately, he was on some late night BBC talk thing talking about football violence during the world cup and he was on a couple of days ago too.

Anyway my Prestonpandemonium righteous acquistitions were:
Put the Book Back on the Shelf a Belle and Sebastian Anthology which I didn’t know existed but I now see on Amazon for a few quid less than I paid for it pah.
The Sandman – Dolls house I’ve been meaning to read The Sandman comics for about 10 years now so it’s long overdue.
Skinhead – Richard Allen apparently rather collectible in good nick although the one I got is pretty tatty and scribbled on.
War Junkie – Joe Sacco I should have bought his 2nd Palestine comic too but I didn’t look closely and thought it was just a different cover for his first Palestine comic which I already have (and it’s excellent). I’ll have to get some more Joe Sacco comics, I’m especially interested in the Bosnian ones The Fixer: A Story from Sarajevo and Safe Area Gorazde. Which reminds me, check out Blogging Beirut for an account of the latest happenings in Lebanon. The last death count I saw on there was :
Death Toll
as of 12:28 PM July 25, 2006
379+ Lebanese
17 Israeli
20 Sri Lankan (by israel)
8 Canadian (by israel)
4 Brazilian (by israel)

40 Lebanese
21 Israeli
16 Hizballah (declared)

~1,000,000 Lebanese
25% of total population

Bombs Dropped:>
~10,000 Israel
~1000 Hizballah


It seems the Israeli government has got it in for fish now too and they’ve bombed some civilian oil tanks on the Lebanese coast.


Prestonpandemonium comic mart

prestonpandemonium octofanboy

Saturday 22nd July 2006 11am-3pm
229 High St, Prestonpans
All sorts of comics for all sorts of people
Batman, Spider-man and X-men; Tintin, Palestine and Crumb; manga, horror mags, 2000AD, zines and undergrounds
I’ve been meaning to get to Prestoungrange Gothenburg for a while so it’s time to get on the 26 bus and sample some Fowler’s Ales and check out some comics and zines! The Prestoungrange was voted CAMRA conservation pub of 2005 and I’ve heard lots about Fowler’s Ales but not tried them yet as I don’t think you can buy them anywhere except for the Prestoungrange. Anyway I’m there!
I’m keen to learn how to brew real ale on one of their BrewSets too.

Flaming Lips make me wanna play hack

All those yellow balloons bouncing round everywhere…oh how I long for a good game of hack. Anyone in Edinburgh who stumbles across this and fancies a game hit me up; anyone in NZ who fancies a hack come visit – winter is for suckers and I have a futon in the boxroom.

The Flaming Lips put on a great show. I came in from getting a beer and Wayne had descended in a big space bubble thing and was crowd surfing in his bubble. Pretty cool – he gets to crowd surf without munters trying to rip his clothes off. Not that Flaming Lips punters would do that. Over post gig beers we came to the conclusion that if you like the Flaming Lips you’re probably a nice person.

The set started with Race for the Prize, had three tracks off the new album At War with the Mystics : yeah yeah yeah yeah song, Free Radicals and The WAND, Yoshimi pts 1&2, Do you realise?, She don’t use Jelly and some more I can’t remember. The encore was a cover of Warpigs, nice and heavy but lacking the guitar solowank. I could’ve done with a few more songs for the encore personally…maybe Fight Test, Mr Ambulance Driver, or A Change at Christmas would’ve been cool seeing as half of the stage was full of santas. A Machine in India would’ve gone down a treat with me too but you can’t please everyone. Still one song for an encore wtf???

The Go! Team were cool too but the rest of the crowd didn’t seem too excited. I’ll be keen to see them again anyhoo.

Had a rather good beer at The Blue Blazer after – An Teallach from Ullapool. I might go visit sometime.

Now I must sort some Triptych tickets….Silver Jews have already sold out dammit!

Threadless have some new tees and reprints out too. I just got Talk to me – my favourite track off Kiss-Unmasked

trouble sleeping

Now that I’ve got heaps of music TV channels it’s not so much that I have trouble sleeping but I have trouble escaping the TV late at night cos there’s always another music video I want to see. I’ve been deprived of music videos for too long and now I can’t get enough. It happened when M2 launched in NZ and then again when C4 came along.

MTV2 must be targeting me late on weeknights…so far there’s been Broken Social Scene, Arab Strap – Speed Date(filmed in Edinburgh over Xmas by the looks) and Mark Ronson‘s animated graffiti vid. And now just as I thought I could drag myself away and go to bed a Cat Power track comes on. No whack talk in between vids either…they are definitely targeting me. At least I can get some work done at the same time. Stuart from Belle & Sebastian is gonna be on with Zane Lowe on MTV2 Friday night at 7 which is threatening to interfere with my pub time.

There’s a new Eagles of Death Metal video online – I Want You So Hard off the new album Death By Sexy. There’s also a dodgy Bikini Bandits Eagles of Death Metal video.

I found out about a couple more free wifi bars in Edinburgh today too – Mai Thai, 111 Holyrood Rd and The Regent at 2 Montrose Tce which is in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2006. I must get to Prestonpans to the Prestongrange Gothenburg microbrewery soon too!