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Put the bomb back on the shelf

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So I went to Prestonpandemonium and bought some comics and drank some ale – IPA and 80 shilling to be precise, I still need to try the Porter. I haven’t signed up for a brew set….yet. We went to the beach at Gulllane afterwards and once again I changed into my togs hoping for a… Read more »

Prestonpandemonium comic mart

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Prestonpandemonium Saturday 22nd July 2006 11am-3pm *** The Prestoungrange Gothenburg 229 High St, Prestonpans *** Browse…Buy…Banter… All sorts of comics for all sorts of people Batman, Spider-man and X-men; Tintin, Palestine and Crumb; manga, horror mags, 2000AD, zines and undergrounds *** I’ve been meaning to get to Prestoungrange Gothenburg for a while so it’s time… Read more »

Flaming Lips make me wanna play hack

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All those yellow balloons bouncing round everywhere…oh how I long for a good game of hack. Anyone in Edinburgh who stumbles across this and fancies a game hit me up; anyone in NZ who fancies a hack come visit – winter is for suckers and I have a futon in the boxroom. The Flaming Lips… Read more »

trouble sleeping

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Now that I’ve got heaps of music TV channels it’s not so much that I have trouble sleeping but I have trouble escaping the TV late at night cos there’s always another music video I want to see. I’ve been deprived of music videos for too long and now I can’t get enough. It happened… Read more »