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its’ a happy man with Grapefruit Chilli Marmalade

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I went to the Tauranga Farmer’s Market on the weekend and to my unexpected delight Richard the Chilli guy had Grapefruit Chilli Marmalade. It’s great stuff. I haven’t had any in years and I really should make it myself as I have loads of chillies in the freezer and there’s grapefruit all around at the… Read more »

Carl Shuker – Three novellas for a novel

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All three of Carl Shuker’s Three Novellas for a Novel are available as limited edition downloads now. For free or more! Interesting to see a novellist making their work available online for tips ala The Crimea, Radiohead & NIN. I guess Carl liked the idea of bypassing the publishing companies and making his work available… Read more »