Malcolm Middleton touring NZ

My favourite miserable Scot, Malcolm Middleton is coming to NZ in May. Facebook says Malcolm is playing The Whammy bar in Auckland but everywhere else says it’s The Kings Arms on May 12th. At least everyone agrees he’s playing The San Francisco Bath House in Wellington on May 13th.

Malcolm’s new album, Sleight of Hand, is out now. It’s mostly acoustic collection leftovers, covers and wind ups. I’m looking forward to the next project though – “Right now, everything sounds like a fat child throwing a Casio keyboard down a flight of stairs and hitting an old man at the bottom who’s playing Verve songs badly on an over-priced guitar,” says Malcolm.

Meanwhile the filthier half of Arab Strap Aidan John Moffat has released the rather dirty, R rated I Can Hear Your Heart and a singing bottle opener that plays a wee ditty by Aidan every time you crack open a beer. Now I have several rather nice bottle openers including one from Suck UK that looks like an unsuspecting house key and the trusty one that I won at the Massey University chilli eating competition but now I think I need one more.