Bill Hammond : Jingle Jangle Morning exhibit

Bill Hammond – Jingle Jangle Morning
November 17th 2007 – February 10th 2008
Wellington City Gallery

Jingle Jangle Morning, taken from a verse in Bob Dylan’s song ‘Mr Tambourine Man’, is the title of a Bill Hammond painting depicting majestic avian musicians and serpentine creatures who sing, dance and play instruments upon a floating world of golden clouds and mountainous divides.

Bill Hammond’s sentient birdmen came about after a trip to the Auckland Islands where birds rule. Like New Zealand before the people got there. have a couple of Bill Hammond prints for sale for $79NZD. If you’re in Lyttelton be sure to visit Volcano Cafe and Lava Bar, it’s a nice bar with good food and they have some Bill Hammond art on the walls.

Bill Hammond - Placemaker