Contact FM presents the Third Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk

Circle Jerk 2007

It’s time once again for Hamilton’s biggest and best celebration of local music. More than a dozen local artists will join forces for one huge show, performing their own and each others’ songs at The Third Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk. Proceeds of this show will help Contact FM’s continued support of Hamilton music.

The Third Annual Hamilton Circle Jerk
Hamilton bands celebrating Hamilton music
Saturday 26 May at Ward Lane. Bands start 9:30

Check out photos from the Hamilton Circle Jerk 2005 and 2006 at

Hey ho! Let’s grow!

ILLICIT CLOTHING have baby gear! I haven’t spent any time in Auckland since I’ve been back in NZ so I didn’t know until someone told me today. There’s hoodies, onesies, bibs and rock n roll feeding bowls!

Now I need to find some hair accessories for Edie’s Robert Smith look, some spider hair clips or something. Unfortunately I’m too late to get a hand screenprinted Robert Smith onesy.

Hopefully I’ll get to The Cure in NZ if enough people can convince them by signing the “we need a Cure tour” petition, even better demand The Cure come play Auckland