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More Radiohead tickets for Meadowbank on sale tomorrow

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There’s more tickets avaiable for Radiohead at Meadowbank Stadium on 22 August available from 9am tomorrow (Friday 31/3). The capacity has been been increased to 20,000 after the first tickets sold out in under one hour at the weekend. In other news… Radiohead Get Reggae Makeover, by the same cats that were responsible for Dub… Read more »

Phoenix Foundation gig in London

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The Phoenix Foundation are performing in all their unashamed glory with the rath of kahn in their jublees at Londons Islington Academy on the 1st of June. Hopefully there’s more shows to come….like Edinburgh please.

trouble sleeping

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Now that I’ve got heaps of music TV channels it’s not so much that I have trouble sleeping but I have trouble escaping the TV late at night cos there’s always another music video I want to see. I’ve been deprived of music videos for too long and now I can’t get enough. It happened… Read more »

Radiohead + Beck @ Meadowbank Edinburgh pre-sale tickets

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There’s some pre-sale tickets for Radiohead and Beck at Meadowbank available at the Radiohead’s W.A.S.T.E shop. Radiohead’s site had a ‘system meltdown’ yesterday when they first went on sale at midday but it’s all sweet now. Tickets for the other tour dates are available too but they’re selling out quick. This is just the pre-sale… Read more »

Threadless tee sale

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Threadless T-Shirts are having a sale! Tees are $10 till Weds 10am CST I want a loch ness imposter but they’ve sold out already. I also want You are what you eat – the happy pig eating bacon.

Google Mars

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Wow there’s a Google Mars! I didn’t even know there was a Google Moon (zoom in for cheese).

A half deep fried pizza supper and a can of Irn Bru

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oh yes we’re back in Scotland! Nowhere has deep fried pizzas like Scotland. Does anywhere else have deep fried pizzas at all? We’ve moved to a tenement flat in Polwarth near the canal and a great deli, whose name I can’t remember. We nearly took a place in Stockbridge which would’ve been cool, but the… Read more »

Last Fish Curry

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I just had my last Fish Curry. I was after a Bombay Duck actually but they weren’t available. We just spent the whole day on a roach-infested train from Patnem Beach in South Goa to Mumbai. Patnem is real nice, if a little busy with dogs. I think the Goa Animal Welfare Trust is doing… Read more »