Jams Boand 007 – Kohalpur

Jams Boand driver 007 of Maharajah’s autorickshaw service in Kohlapur is a lovely chappie.

007 Jams Boand

We went the Maharajah’s palace today. The palace is described as gothic indo-saracen or something and it’s pretty cool. It houses a museum containing the Maharajah’s many kill trophies including a stool made out of an elephant foot, an entire family of stuffed tigers and a smoking set made of a tiger’s skull with an ashtray in one eye and a matchstick holder in the other….class!


We’re in Mumbai, just about to go out to Elephanta Island for the rest of the day and probably heading inland to Pune tomorrow. Will post some pics soon. I think the Taj Mahal Hotel here has wi-fi.

Last Fish Supper

Today is my last fish supper at The Gold Sea, one of the better chippies in Edinburgh.
I got my car back this morning from Polwarth Garage so I have a wheels to get down to London and to the airport and get all our gear out of our flat. Now I just need to pack.

Looks like Edinburgh is gonna be unwired by the time I get back. I’m gonna miss Burn’s night, Nick Cave, The Go!Team, The Crimea, Richard Ashcroft, Trainspotting at The Kings Theatre and Goldfrapp but I’ll be back in Edinburgh for The Flaming Lips at Usher Hall!!! Think I might go to All Tomorrow’s Parties at Camber Sands near Rye too. I haven’t been down East Sussex since I’ve been back in the UK. Will have to check out Hastings and St-Leonards-on-sea where I used to live.

In Loving Memory

get Bent Bentley’s

so I checked out a few hotels in Mumbai and Bentley’s looked ok. There website kinda sucked but that’s OK. I sent a booking enquiry and got a jumbly email back asking me to fill out loads of info including my full credit card details. This was from a hotmail address. I don’t really fancy having my credit card details sitting round in someone’s hotmail account so I sent them half my card details thinking maybe I’d Skype them or something and give them the other half. This morning I got an email all in caps like this


no Hello Mr Justin???

screw you Bentley I’m going to a hotel that doesn’t use hotmail and can take my credit card details securely.

drift.net.nz 06

I’ve been thinking about doing something to drift.net.nz for a while now. e107 wasn’t really suiting my needs anymore, although I’ll still be keeping tabs on it. I find it too tedious to use for blogging and all I can usually be arsed doing is dropping a link now and then in the chatbox. When WordPress 2 came out and I saw the Progression Firefox extension I decided to bite the bullet.

I’m heading to India soon so I’ll try and sort some Google map trail of where we go and where there’s wifi. I’ll post some pics(Gallery?, Flickr?, Plogger?) and probably work my del.icio.us bookmarks in here somewhere.

The old e107 drift.net.nz is still here and I’ll probably play round with it from time to time.